School Dances:: Promoting your event

Dramatically Improve dance attendance and school spirit!

Many schools today suffer event attendance issues. We have a proven method to help remedy this situation. Today's students are comparing school events with sophisticated concerts they are paying $50/ticket or more for. So why not modernize your school dance a little?

It's easy, here is how: Modern clubs and concert events are using equipment far more sophisticated and powerful than your typical DJ company or radio station can afford. We own this equipment and we have provided it to major recording acts. Now you can have it at your next school dance and for a lot less than you might expect.

When you properly advertise that your school dance is getting the largest light and sound show you have ever had, provided by the same company that supplies equipment to major recording acts, your attendance (and school spirit) is going to improve. We have seen attendance jump 300% when the student body realized what kind of show they were getting. What are you waiting for?

As a final note, remember, there are two very important marketing slogans: "Sell the sizzle, not the steak" and "Nothing sells success like success" . Effectively applying these principles to your marketing campaign will pay off in dividends, aka. tickets sold!

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