Frequently Asked DJ Questions (FAQ)

(Includes School Dance DJ info)


Q: Statistics:
Year opened:  1985
# Events Completed:  5000+
# Staff:  15+
Music Library:  50,000+ songs
Insured:  Yes.
Licensed:  Yup.
Maximum Event Size:  20,000 guests
Events/year:  450
Q: What is your DJ Service's mission statement?
It is our duty to shake the planet's booty.
Q: Can our school submit DJ music suggestions before the dance?
Yes. Call for details.
Q: What type of music do your DJs play?
If you can dance to it, we play it!
Q: Do your DJs play school friendly edited versions of popular tracks?
Yes, of course!
Q: What type of Sound Equipment do your DJs use?
We use the same brand of sound equipment as many of the biggest artists/bands in the world (Snoop Dogg, Metallica, Muse, Rolling Stones, Panic! At The Disco, etc). If it's good enough for them, its good enough for us. We use top of the line gear. ElectroVoice, DBX, QSC, Technics, Yamaha, Pioneer, etc.
Q: What type of Lighting do you bring?
This varies on the dance and what you have booked. Lighting can be very basic to extremely sophisticated, similar to what you see at your favorite concert. In fact, we have supplied lighting for everything from Canadian Idol to Calgary ZooLights. Our head lighting technician toured with Mathew Good for 10 years and designed the Mamma Mia! tour lighting. We also use the same lighting equipment Michael Jackson toured with. No other DJ service in Alberta has the lighting expertise that we do. We can completely transform your venue. The proof is in the pudding so take a look at our PIX! [click].
Q: Why should we hire you?
You love packed dance floors!
Q: Do you have discounts?
If you book 3 or more events per year, that is an automatic 10% off. If you are on our mailing list, you will be notified via email of price specials.
Q: I don't see your DJ prices listed?
Ya gotta call us or submit for a DJ quote. Every client/event is different. For example, afternoon events cost less than evening events, etc.
Q: Do you do Video Dances?
Yes. We have very large screens 10'X14' available. Our screens are often double the surface area of the average video dance.
Q: Top reasons school dances succeed:
  1. Awesome planning 8 weeks in advance
  2. Booked an amazing DJ
  3. Professional marketing campaign
  4. Cool poster with our name on it
  5. Consistency
  6. Voted on music
Q: Will your DJs take song requests at the dance?
Yes, but...

We call them suggestions. Our DJs often receive over 100 suggestions per event. We can only play about 15 songs/hr so we typically choose the best suggestions to get the maximum students dancing. Of course we ignore songs with bad language to keep parents/teachers happy, etc.

Q: Who are some of your clients/events we might know?
The City Of Calgary, Sir Tom Jones, Calgary Police Service, McDonald's Restaurants, Sunshine Village, Tommy Lee, Canadian Idol, etc.
Q: Do your DJs give away prizes?
Yes by special request. Prizes are a strange thing. Prizes don't sell more dance tickets unless you are giving away something serious like a big screen TV. About 25 years ago, some DJ companies started giving away cheesy prizes like key chains, pop and chocolate bars (healthy eh?) so dance committees would think they were getting a good deal. If you hire a real professional DJ and you properly advertise the event, prizes are not a selling factor. Its fun to have a draw and give away 3-5 prizes, but that is it. Any more than 5 prizes and it interupts the DJs flow and detracts from the event.

We've done lots of sold out dances without one single prize offered.

Q: Do you DJ Black Light dances / UV / Glow Parties?
Yes! We have been doing black light / UV parties since 1995. The more black lights you have, the stronger the effect.
Q: How much bass do you have?
We have over 60 000 watts of tasty bass available. The max we can bring to a school without getting neighbor complaints is approx 6000-9000 watts of bass.

Note that not all bass bins are created equal. Just as some cars give you more KM/Litre, certain bass speakers give you considerably more bass per watt. So 6000 watts from us, could be equal to 12000 watts from somewhere else. If you like bass music/dubstep/etc. this can make a huge difference. Call for further technical specs and don't believe the hype you hear about bass until you talk to us!

We have been bringing massive bass to school dances longer than anyone else in Alberta.

Q: Do you offer DJ classes or DJ School?
We offer free on-the-job training in lieu of paid courses. If we think you could have 'the right stuff', we will take you out for evaluation/try-outs. After this evaluation period is over, we will determine if we are prepared to offer you work. You get to learn from real DJs and crews in action. It is the only way.
Q: What is Intelligent Lighting?
Intelligent lighting is used extensively on concerts and in major nightclubs. In short, it is lighting fixtures that take instructions from a computer-like controller. In this case, Intelligent really means 'good at following instructions'. Different light fixtures have different features so an 'intelligent light show' really means nothing until you get down to the nuts and bolts of it. Lets just say if it doesn't arrive in a cube truck, it "prolly ain't nothing to write home about." Our intelligent lighting has been used on major artist's tours.
Q: What are Intellabeams and Technobeams?
Just about the most coolest light f/x you could get at your event. Even Michael Jackson used these lights on tours. Should rock your event, eh! Yes they cost extra, but you're worth it, right? Read up on them [Link].
Q: Can we cancel our DJ if we don't sell enough tickets?
If you think you might have to cancel, please call us for help before you start selling tickets. We have done 1000s of school dances and we know how to overcome this.
Q: What is your DJ cancellation policy?
We require 15 business days notice. Call for details. Professional DJs need as much fair notice as possible so they can make alternate plans for work. 3-4 weeks is generally the very minimum.
Q: Will you DJ my wedding?
Yes. As you can imagine, our weddings are lots of fun and you should be too if you are considering hiring us. We dress nice and everything. You can expect tasteful, elegant and hella fun!

For typical weddings, we recommend you contact: Phoenix Wedding DJ Services [click!]

Q: Do you do Bar/Bat Mitzvahs?
Yes. You get to hear your favorite dance tracks.
Q: Our students won't buy tickets for dances, how can we change this?
School Dances are our specialty. We know what makes a successful event. Give us a call we can 'prolly help.
Q: How do we compare DJ companies?
There are several criteria we suggest using when shopping for DJs. Some points to consider:
  • References?
  • Years in business?
  • # of events completed?
  • Submit advance music suggestions?
  • Brands and models of equipment?
  • Using the same equipment as major recording acts?
  • Real DJs (not using ipods, etc)?
  • Experience and training of the actual crew on your event?