Junior DJ Training Program

Have you ever dreamed of being a DJ or being involved in the music business? Here is your opportunity to show us and the world what you've got! We always have openings for talented individuals.


  • Age: Between 14-18 years old
  • Strong interest in music (all formats, not just one or two formats such as House or Hip Hop)
  • Technically oriented
  • Friendly
  • Computer experience is helpful
  • Energetic (for moving heavy equipment)
  • Reside in or near Calgary, Alberta, Canada

This unique part time opportunity includes on the job training and the chance to work with some of the most talented club & mobile DJ's in Alberta. You will experience all aspects of DJ'ing from beat mixing (professionally blending songs together) to video, laser, sound and intelligent lighting setup. Many staff work for us through university (and beyond) and it is a great way to help pay for your education.

One note of caution, only adult DJ's can work at adult events on their own. We are very careful when someone is representing us. Proper training takes several months or longer.

in PDF form only. Include your day and evening phone numbers in case we would like to chat with you. We expect a full resume with previous work experience. We thank you in advance for your resume and will only reply if we are interested. NOTE:: we expect a 'real' resume and you will not be considered unless you have some type of real world previous work experience. If you have never had a previous job, under special circumstances we may consider your application.